Aspen Pure: Aspen Colorado’s #1 Rocky Mountain Water

Our water is premium bottled water from the Rocky Mountains! No chemicals, preservatives or additives.

Taste ‘PURE’ Water Again!

Aspen Pure is something special. Packaged in 24-ounce, half-liter and one-liter bottles, Aspen Pure’s easy-to-handle grip bottle design is made of high-grade plastic, making it ideal for on-the-go activities, such as hiking and biking, and even driving.

Aspen Pure’s label design captures the inspiring beauty of Aspen’s mountains and the famous Maroon Bells wilderness area. This scene replicates the setting that originally motivated our founder to create Aspen Pure.

When you purchase Aspen Pure, a portion of sale proceeds will be contributed to breast cancer, heart disease and muscular dystrophy research.

Aspen Pure Products

  • 1 liter (33.8 floz)

  • 24oz (1pt 8 oz)

  • 16.9oz (1pt)

The Process

The crystal-clear snows of the Colorado Rockies give birth to our water. Rushing streams filter down the Continental Divide to our aquifer on 90 acres of farmland in Colorado’s San Luis Valley, where our water is bottled at the source.

At the bottling center, Aspen Pure natural water travels through a five-step filtration and purification system.

The Aspen Pure water refinement system is as follows:

  1. Multi-media filters remove suspended solids such as dirt and rocks from the water
  2. Dual softeners filter the water to eliminate calcium and magnesium
  3. Cartridge filtration removes additional, smaller particles
  4. Ultraviolet disinfections eliminate all bacteria
  5. Reverse osmosis removes any remaining dissolved solids from the water, including sodium,sulfate, potassium, nitrate, cryptosporidium (parasites) and organics
  6.  Aspen Pure date codes each bottle for freshness and quality control

Upon completion of the filtration process, the water is ozonated and then the bottling process begins.Under strict quality-control standards, Aspen Pure bottles are flushed and rinsed with filtered and ozonated water, filled, labeled, sealed, inspected, packed and prepared for shipping. The end result delivers customers clean, high-quality bottled water.