Aspen Pure Probiotic

In early 2017, Aspen Pure became a leading innovator in the world of bottled water. Aspen Pure Probiotic brings the immunity-boosting, digestive health benefits of probiotics directly to our customers. Infused with 12 different strains of probiotics, our water delivers over 10 BILLION live CFUs per bottle.  For those new to probiotics (it’s okay, learning is fun), CFU stands for “colony forming unit”, the unit of measurement for probiotics.

Our probiotics come alive when they interact with the enzymes in the body, promoting greater digestive health and satisfying your thirst with America’s Finest Water. Aspen Pure Probiotic, making water healthier.

Why Aspen Pure Probiotic?

  • STRENGTHENS IMMUNITY, helping to maintain a healthy digestive tract
  • PROMOTES DETOXIFICATION, known to help the body naturally detoxify
  • OPTIMIZES DIGESTION, supporting the digestive system function more soundly and comfortably
  • INFECTION PROTECTION, rhymes aside… probiotics are credited as the body’s safeguard against infecting bacteria
  • REPAIRS DAMAGE, antibiotics often kill healthy bacteria in the body, and probiotics help to replenish that bacteria (primarily along the digest tract)

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